• Developing first-in-class therapeutics to leverage the benefits of omega-3 fatty acid metabolites
  • Our lead candidate OMT-28 is in Phase I clinical development

Novel therapeutic strategy


OMEICOS Therapeutics’ is focused on developing therapeutics that can be broadly deployed in inflammatory, cardiovascular, ophthalmology and other disease indications using its proprietary technology and extensive knowledge of omega-3 fatty acid metabolism and biology. Learn more

Our pipeline of small molecules are first-in-class synthetic analogs of omega-3 fatty acid-derived metabolites that show up to 1,000-fold higher biological activity and significant improvement in pharmacokinetic properties compared to their natural counterparts. 

OMEICOS’ lead candidate, OMT-28 is currently in Phase I clinical trial

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Cardiovascular disease 

Our lead candidate, OMT-28, is in clinical development to achieve long-term heart rhythm control in atrial fibrillation

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 Our ophthalmology program targets ocular diseases and is developed through our US subsidiary, OMEICOS Ophthalmics

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